Major Space Centers Around the Globe – On a World Map

World Map - Major Space Centers

World Map - Major Space Centers

Does anything to do with Space or astronomy intrigue you? Then this may the map you'd wanna save and print. Our team has put together a World Map of major space centers from around the globe. Space centers are facilities which are geared for space research and conduct activities around space exploration. From rocket launch facilities to Research & Development. The map above paints an interesting picture of the world, about the countries which are invested in space research. Space research was at its peak during the cold war, with advancements from erstwhile USSR and USA, the American Lunar mission was during that time, it was a race towards space domination. Why do you think countries are investing in space exploration and technology these days? and do you think as a planet, we must pool our resources to have one common space mission with clear focus and support peace? Let us know in comments below.

Major Space Centers around the Globe - On a World Map

Check out the World Map showing location of major space centers in the world. Major space centers include John F. Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island Fl, Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana and GCTC in Star City, Russia.