Ongoing debate about the World Map, What do you think?

Have you ever thought - Why is the World Map the way it is? Somethings we take for granted, on face value, the way we were taught. If you look at the World Map you will observe it is centered on Britain, the reason for which is rooted in history (1884 to be precise). What if the World map was centered on a different country? Check out the resourceful Infographic about the history of the World Map and how Britain became its center.

The Debate Continues.. Should Britain Remain The Center of World Maps

The comment section on our Fry-Day poll is buzzing with comments from people all over, including the ones connected with mapping, geography and merchant navy. Find below some comments from the ongoing discussion

Why are people so hell-bent on making life difficult for Navigators. Please, for me as a Navigator - from purely a practical point of view - a resounding YES! I am already under-paid and under-appreciated (I am talking purely from a Merchant Navy Officer's perspective here) - please don't put the added burden of figuring out ALL the charts and maps all over again! That will put the Maritime Trade world in a huge fix! - Aditya Nath

No. Britain, Great Britain, UK, England, whatever - have benefited enormously by being an early mover in cartography. It is time to re-look. If a wrong has been done, it doesn't merit to carry that wrong for another few thousand years. The days when "Sun never sets in Great Britain" are over - reality is "Sun rarely rises in Great Britain." - Simarprit Singh

The world map is a human construct and not based on any single truth. Therefore, it can change. Sometimes the historical baggage is hard to bear. There is a much better question in why don't we adopt an area accurate world map, such as the Peters Projection? This is much more effective at representing the true size and shape of South America, Africa and Australia.World maps are a mathematical puzzle with political, or values, implications. But asking the right questions helps. - Angus Willson

If it was simpler to change maps world over for navigators, geogrpahy, politics, date-line and more.. if all that was simple.. I would love to see Australia on the top for a change :-), what say? - Aashish Chopra

Not going to happen, is it, alas. - Luigi Guarino

I think the questions stands on the foundation of Egotistical Patriotism than Logic & Reason.- Vikas Khanna

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