European countries by population; Thematic Maps Update

European Countries with Population Density

European countries with highest / lowest population density.

Did you know Germany has the highest population of any country in Europe. It is interesting to see Germany as the last standing economic power in Europe today and its the same country with majority of european population. It was interesting to put population data for Europe on a map. Thematic maps or theme based maps help tell stories with data, they provide a visual on the current reality in a country.

Did you know Monaco has one of the lowest populations in Europe but the highest population density? These theme based maps would be useful if you're working on a project, studying about Europe or just plain curious, we'll be adding more thematic maps to our collection in coming time. Meanwhile our updates on European Thematic Maps provide a good resource on the continent.

We have updated the following thematic maps of Europe:


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New Thematic Map Series: Europe

European Countries with Lowest Life Expectancy at Birth - Female

European Countries with Lowest Life Expectancy at Birth - Female

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After the success of our thematic maps on Africa, our thematic maps team worked hard to create the same level of quality resources for Europe. 'Thematic Maps' or 'Theme based' maps help understand the statistics and data visualized on a map. Useful for project work or just curiosity, thematic maps are an excellent tool for research. We'll be covering the following areas in Europe Thematic Maps:  Countries by forest area, literacy rate, life expectancy, human development index, birth rate, death ratearable land, coastlal and landlocked countries, sex ratio, population density and more.

European Thematic Maps Updated:

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