Here’s Why No One Talks To North Korea

Even after several decades North Korea is still under the communist rule. North Korea's nuclear ambitions have put this nation on an isolation from the rest of the World and made it look like a secretive society to the external World. North Korea’s foreign relations with other countries have worsened after the demise of Kim II Sung.

Since the dual Korean wars North and South Korea have kept themselves engaged in constant hostilities that leaves hardly any time to promote and maintain a sound and healthy foreign international relations with the other fellow nations. There are several international issues and disputes that North Korea shares with the other nations like South Korea, United States of America, China, Japan, Russia and Iran. The most sensitive and the primary reason of conflict involve nuclear weapons.

Relationship with China

The history speaks of a very healthy relation between China and North Korea, where China being the principal supplier of food and fuel under the reign of Kim Jung -II. North Korea's rapid increase in the nuclear weapons have been a matter of concern not only for China but even for the nations like the United States, South Korea, Russia, China and Japan. These nations have been putting pressure on North Korea to give up its ambition of nuclear weapons. Apart from it there are maritime tensions that have emerged over the east China sea and the South China sea.

Relationship with Japan

The relation between Japan and North Korea took a hostile end in the later part of the 1980. They rarely seem to converge on an issue. Government of these two nation who hardly bother to maintain any diplomacy always take an individual and divergent approach. The prominent issues that have generated tension over the relation among these two nations are mentioned below.

  • The media attacks of North Korea on Japan
  • Imposition of economic sanctions on North Korea by Japan for South Korea terrorist attacks
  • The unpaid debts of North Korea to the Japanese companies, worth 50 million dollars
  • Unofficial trading allowance from Japan to North Korea, worth annual 200 million US dollars

Relationship with South Korea

Even though these two nations come from the main Korean peninsula the tension have remained the same ever since the Korean war. The prominent reason of tension among these nations being

  • According to CNN, North Korea made an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the South Korean president in 1968.
  • Bombing in Myanmar that killed 17 South Korean official are linked to North Korea.
  • North Korea was accused of bombing of South Korean plane in 1987.
  • South Korea claimed that North Korea sunk its warship in Yellow Sea on 26th march 2010 which North Korea denies.
  • News reports in Nov 2010 claims that North Korea launched an artillery attack on South Korean island in an act of retaliation to South Korea. South Korea on the other hand denies any act of war from its end.

Relationship with Iran

The relations between these two communist country attracts a lot of attention. The entire tension is attributed to the differences in the opinions over the nuclear matters. For Iranian government, who would like to first ensure that the country has sufficient uranium reserves before starting aggressively to build the bombs. North Korea on the other hand claims that Iran had already taken 8000 used fuel rods from Yongbyon nuclear reactor, which can be very much utilized for manufacturing nuclear weapons.

Relationship with the US

Though this relationship started on a good note but after the cold war political situation has much greatly deteriorated the health and increased the enmity between these nations. In the recent years the relationship between these two nations is developed under the suspicion of united states, regarding North Korea's Nuclear programs and North Korea's perception of an imminent US attack. To maintain the hostility, North Korea even severed all commercial relations with this western nation by closing its frontiers. In fact, the Korean army also attacked the American gunboat and killed its entire crew, who were on a mission to negotiate a commercial treaty.

Relationship with Russia

Though these two nations were close allies during the cold war relation between them cooled down since the break up of the soviet union. Russia is more concerned of North Korea getting ahead in the nuclear race and considers it as a threat.

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