Video from the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 2011)


Photos & Video from the Frankfurt Book Fair, Exciting Possibilites for Map Publishers: Maps & Apps

It was an eventful Day 2 at the Frankfurt Book Fair.  We've added photos of the day above. First three days of the event are restricted to trade visitors, the fair opens to general public from Saturday, October 15, 2011. The action at the event was evident from the Twitter hashtag #fbf11. From book deals to insightful speeches, Day 2 turned out to be an eventful one.

Video from IMTA (International Map Trade Association) Reception at the Frankfurt Book Fair:

We're excited to be part of the world's largest book fair, a convergence point for the publishing industry. Having attended FBF for six years in a row, we've brought some exciting possibilities for Map Publishers this year:

        • Mobile & Tablet Apps Development
          We can help you convert your mapping data into Apps for iOS and Android.
        • Custom Mapping Service
          Partner with our Mapping division for its mapping expertise.
        • Online Map Store
          With more than 4 million visitors on MapsofWorld.com, we can help you sell your map and educational products.
        • Map Portal:  Map portal in major international languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Finnish, and Chinese.


Visit MapsofWorld.com at Frankfurt Book Fair


Mapsofworld.com at the IMTA (Americas) Annual Conference, 2011 [Video]


IMTA (Americas) Annual Conference 2011: ‘Emerging Trends’ in the Mapping Industry

Last week, we attended and exhibited at the 2011 Annual Conference and Member showcase of IMTA - Americas Region (International Map Trade Association); The event was held at Rancho Mirage, California. The event attracted attendees from across the world and was a unique meetup of the Mapping Industry at large.

Main focus of the event: “Emerging Trends” in the mapping industry.

What makes IMTA Conferences worth attending?

  • Enlightening educational conferences
  • Powerhouse tradeshows
  • Ground-breaking news events
  • Unconventional networking opportunities

Highlights of the Event: (September 12 - 13, 2011)
Presentations, Panel Discussions and Breakout Sessions on:

  • Emerging Trends in Mapping Technology, Information Access and Dissemination.
  • Emerging Trends in Map Publishing
  • Emerging Trends in International Distribution of Maps
Juan Jose Valdes

Juan Jose Valdes

Special Mention:
Juan Jose Valdes, The Geographer and National Geographic Maps' Director of Editorial and Research, presented the keynote address at the event. In his captivating speech, Juan shared his inspirations and moments which guided him in making the first large-format map of Cuba. It was fascinating to listen to Juan share his experiences and how a seminal moment in a cartographers life helped them choose their lifelong vocation.


Team Mapsofworld.com at the event:

  • Our President Mani Singh was part of the panel on the discussion on Emerging Trends in International Distribution of Maps. This was attended by who's who from the International Mapping Industry.
  • The highlight of our participation in the event was the breakout sessions right after the discussions, where Mani Singh and Bill Spicer (Maps.com) took a full house of breakout session to answer specific questions.
  • Mani also attended the International Board meeting representing Asia Pacific region Board Director.

Next Event: Come see us at the IMTA (Asia Pacific) Global Conference & Trade Show 2011 in Bangkok (November 10 - 11, 2011); We’ll be conducting similar breakout sessions at the event as well.  Check our Events Page for latest updates on upcoming events.  If you have questions about Custom Mapping, Publishing or App Development for your business, send us a message, we'll be in touch.

Photo Slideshow from the Event: (Flickr)