Most Visited Museums in America, on a US Map

US Map - Most Visited Museums

US Map - Most Visited Museums

A visit to the museum is like time travelling, through the dimensions of science, culture, arts and history. The most popular museums in the world are the ones who take utmost care in preserving the artifacts and objects which tell a story of the past, different cultures, art forms or pure science. We put together a US map to give you a list of most popular museums in America. If you're planning a vacation or if you're interested in arts, history, culture or science, a visit to the museum is always rewarding.

Most Visited Museums in America - On a US Map

Check out the US Map showing location of most visited museums in the USA are represented in millions of visitors. While Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is at top spot with 5.2 million of annual visitors and number two is National Gallery of Art in Washington with 4.7 millions of visitors.