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World Atlas For iPad

Mapsofworld has released World Atlas, a mapping solution specially designed for iPad users. With this app, you can use different types of maps like world maps, country maps and city maps based on your needs. Features of the world atlas such as zoom-in and zoom-out make it easy for anyone to navigate their way anywhere.

The easy-to-use features of the World Atlas application for iPad includes high resolution maps, geographical facts, and the ability to find places based on population, language and other parameters. The great thing about this application is that once downloaded, internet connection is not required to operate the app, so you can use it from anywhere.

World atlas for iPad

The World Atlas application is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 3.2 or later to function. Country information available on the application includes: geographical coordinates, capital city, total area, time zone, population, international dialing code, etc. World Atlas for iPad can be used by just about anyone without any hassle.


Download Maps on your iPad & Explore the Whole World in Seconds

Mapping solutions are now available for your iPad! When I came to find out about this, I was thrilled. Learning about the application took very little time, and now I can use it quickly and easily. Mapsofworld has made it easy for tourists, researchers, teachers, students and others to access maps with different formats through their iPad.

Application features such as zoom and search help you look for whatever you want on the map. You can download this application on your iPad from http://www.mapsofworld.com/custom-maps/ipad-applications.html. One great thing about this application is that it does not require internet connectivity to work. Just download the app and use it from any location on your iPad.

By using this map application, you can find specific locations, places of interest and more. The classified search facility enables you to find information based on city, population, and language. With a digital map, teaching in classrooms becomes comprehensive and easy. With all these features, traveling anywhere seems easy. View world map

The application features in brief:

  • Application travels with you anywhere you go
  • Internet connectivity not required to run the application
  • App works smoothly even in remote locations
  • Capability to zoom in/out
  • Search functio