Wishing Cambodia a Happy Independence Day

Hey folks! It's celebration time for Cambodia. Join us in wishing Cambodians a Happy Independence Day and a bright future. Do you know where Cambodia is located? It lies in the Asian continent and Laos is its neighbor. Look up for more interesting information on Cambodia to get a glimpse into the Cambodian culture and lives.
Cambodia Map

Also look up our Map Store. We have a new surprise category - Toys. Currently, the toys are from Hugg-a-Planet and the section features a new and interesting toy this time.

Meanwhile, did you spare a thought on the human trafficking issue in our Fry-Day Poll? Do you it think it's heart wrenching? Do let us know.


Should Prostitution Be Legalized? [New FryDay Poll]

Should Prostitution Be Legalized? Will Legal Endorsement Rid Prostitution Of Its Evils? This week we're presenting an in-depth review, infographic and video on he subject. The topic this friday is connected deeply into the issues of child abuse, human trafficking, health issues and human rights. Check out the latest FryDay poll and Let us know what you think - Vote & Comment.

What's Your Vote?

Should Prostitution Be Legalized? Vote & Comment

Should Prostitution Be Legalized? Vote & Comment