Custom Maps – Call our cartography experts

There's a lot of interesting information we need to share with you. Our MapsofWorld has a cartography specialist team who do a lot of custom maps based on specific requirements. In other words, they give you some customized mapping solutions, with some limitations, of course.

Custom Maps

You can pick up the phone and speak to our world map expert (Kartik Suri) whose details are listed on the site. We can share a few live instances with you, which will give you a glimpse into what is on offer.

Are your requirements similar?
For instance, the cartographers worked on a World Atlas project some time ago for a certain company. It included development of a Reference Atlas, which is essentially a type of desk atlas similar to a reference book with high level of details. It consisted of around 120 pages.

The cartographers' team developed maps for this - basically consisting of Oceans maps, World maps, Country maps developed at a scale ranging from 1:2 million to 1:10 million. The project was concluded with the development of an Index for the complete Atlas by them.

The team took approximately around 7 to 8 months to develop the maps and Index for this atlas. For this, to begin with, the members had a face-to-face meeting with the client at Frankfurt Book Fair venue in 2010, where all possibilities about the requirement were discussed. Post this, many mails were exchanged accompanied with many Skype/Video calls to freeze up on the requirement and close on the project.

The client team then had discussions with our team comprising of expert GIS professionals, cartographers, researchers and QC (Quality Check) experts, who discussed the nitty-gritties of how to go about this project in terms of research work involved, making data for the requirement and finally how much time it would take to complete the project and accordingly work was divided among various teams and delivery dates were shared with clients. On regular basis, mails were exchanged and skype calls were held with the client to ensure the work moved in the right direction and issue/queries were addressed if any came, and then bingo, the maps were shared with client on regular basis for approvals and comments.

With much ado and enthusiasm, the project took off by the end of 2010 and was completed in mid 2012. A really satisfying piece of achievement. So this is how, our experts sit with you and discuss and assess your exact requirements - small or big. You can rely on us and call up our expert to know more.


Frankfurt Book Fair – Seen Like Never Before – Day 4

Today the floodgates were opened and the world's largest book fair was thrown open to everyone. Free entrance for all. We spent the major part of the day capturing the excitement around. My First Atlas got an overwhelming response from parents, teachers and young readers. We're excited to be part of this event, spare a minute and watch the timelapse video above to feel what we've written in words :)

It all began last night

The fun began last night, when we discovered a big party downtown. Seemed like everyone from the book fair was there, and the musical performance were wonderful.

Who am I?

This is a trend we see every year, on the first public day of the book fair, almost everyone is dressed in choicest of costumes. Vibrant colors everywhere. Took forever to cross into halls, with the crowds increasing by the hour.

Calling the chef

By the gourmet gallery, it was a packed house. Senior chefs were giving talks about recipes, beyond that we did not understand german ;)

Free maps for everyone

In this photo, Simarprit Singh busy distributing Frankfurt map to visitors. Today was the busiest day in this trip so far.

The badge that saved us!

Police almost arrested our blogger/filmmaker. Shooting on a metro stations is a no-no. We respect the laws and ensured the officers were fine with the footage.

Smiles for our little atlas

'My First Atlas' booth in Hall 3.0 saw an overwhelming number of people. The atlas is available for sale for EUR 5, but if you're quick with geography, we've got a quiz. In this photo, winners of the 'quick question' quiz.

All about kids in Hall 3.0

From puppet shows, to interactive games, every exhibitor kept the little ones busy.

Delights from Brazil

We again lined up for the brazil food stalls. Delightful cuisine and wonderful people.


Colorful Day 3 at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Colorful day 3 at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Day 3 at the Frankfurt Book Fair is the last day for business/trade, from tomorrow the floodgates would open and the fair would be open for everyone. We're expecting the 'My First Atlas' booth to get busier, with contests and give-aways of our popular kids atlas.In the photo: the happy ladies who won Atlases in a quick geography quiz.

Music in the air

Since morning, there have been musical performances in different aisles, you can't walk past the talented young musicians, and stop to soak in the music.

Gourmet for everyone

By the gourmet gallery, expert chefs doled out exotic dishes, quick appetizers and dips for everyone. Entertaining the audience along the way

Welcome to Brazil

Brazil is the guest of honor this year at Frankfurter Buchmesse. Hall 5 was soaked in Brazilian culture, literature and food.

Let's go Brazil for lunch?

Long line-ups and busy tables at the food court in Hall 5.

Mid-day workouts

The Brazilian hall had 'cool' written all over it, from animated presentations which played upon riding bicycles to hammocks for young readers.

Everyone loves the new kids Atlas

We're running out of copies at both the booths. Feedback we've got from parents, teachers and publishers is encouraging. What better way to make geography fun.

Colorful calendar gallery

Calendar publishers from around the world, all in one long aisle. Colorful way to cross into the next hall.

Our little friend

Simarprit Singh was busy on his laptop, when a little fellow poked him from behind. Wonderfully surprised, he had exactly the gift which would make him happy: Mein Erster Atlas (German edition of My First Atlas) :)

Quote of the day


Second chance to make the first impression – Frankfurt Book Fair – Day 2

Second chance to make the first impression - Frankfurt Book Fair - Day 2

Day 2 at the Frankfurt Book Fair started with rain in the morning. But here's the thing about weather in this part of the world - in rains and suddenly its sunny again. So was true about the experience at the book fair, it started slow in the morning, and suddenly.. everyone started showing up :)

Tickets please

Morning rush at the entrance. Things moved rather slow from here, until it started to pickup in an hour or so. With empty aisles, the only lineup was for coffee.

Early bird gets the coffee

It's all about the world map

It was interesting to learn that when the world searches for 'World Map', the first option they see in Google is from MapsofWorld. It has been the case for several years now, MapsofWorld has set the standard for World Map. In this photo, Kartik adjusting the wall map.

'My First Atlas' is for everyone

The book is designed for kids aged 6+, but its hard to tell the age these days ;) Fun times at the My First Atlas Booth, Hall 3.0, J45. Stop by to win your copy. In this photo: Simarprit Singh and Aashish Chopra, if you seem them walking around Halls 3.0 and 3.1, do say hello :)

New to Frankfurt?

With the world converging at the Frankfurt Book Fair, we figured finding the way through Frankfurt could be a challenge. So we've brought along free maps of Frankfurt, if you're around, stop by Booth K110, in Hall 3.1 to get your copy.

Is this in German?

Oh yes it is, we've launched 'My First Atlas' in two versions: English & German. The book got a quick review from a trade visitor.

Every kid needs an Atlas

Wonderful words from Christiane, who stopped by the booth, to give ideas and share her experience in designing books for kids. Travelling is the best education, tools like an Atlas make it more fun.

Taking it easy

Down by the food stalls, the couches and bean bags were a tease.

Currywurst anyone?

Currywurst is a fast food dish of German origin. It is a pork sausage which is steamed then fried and cut into slices and seasoned with curry ketchup. The lineup was long, but we made it.

Back to business

Parminder Singh saw a busy day today at the 'My First Atlas' booth, meetings, walk-ins and curious trade visitors made for an active day.

Quote of the day


Let the games begin! – Frankfurt Book Fair – Day 1

Day 1 - Frankfurt Book Fair - October 9-13, 2013

By Aashish Chopra

After months of preparation, days of logistics and hours of booth setup, Frankfurt Book Fair opened at 9am today. It is our 7th year participating at the book fair. After our Infographic about the book fair went viral on slideshare, the team was excited about the experience in Frankfurt. We're camped in Hall 3.1 K110, right below the giant Touristik/Tourism sign. Focus this year is on custom maps, map based apps, e-commerce and our GIS map data. This year also sees the debut of My First Atlas. A fun way to learn geography, My First Atlas is available in English and German (with 20 language editions coming soon). Drop by Hall 3.0, J45 to get your copy. Below, you'll find photos from our roving photographer as he captures spirit of Day 1 at Frankfurter Buchmesse.

 Let there be music

musician at messe, frankfurt

He's back, coming back from the booth setup yesterday we were looking for our favorite musician right before the entrance to the book fair. It was wonderful to see him, right there.. in his element, great start to the day.

Born to work with maps

With our booths setup from yesterday's hard work, the team was in position 9am today. In the photo Kartik Suri, manning the booth at K110, Hall 3.1. One french lady commented how Kartik (Carte) in french means 'Map', he was born to do this, he told everyone after ;)

The Turbanator in Hall 3.0

This is Parminder Singh's first visit to Frankfurt Book Fair, manning the 'My First Atlas' booth in Hall 3.0 J45. We've got it in two versions: English & German. Opposite Sony and besides Universal Music, Parminder's booth is right in the meaty part of the aisle.

View from the deck

An overcast sky greeted us on the deck, near Hall 3.1. The square in-front of the deck is going to get busy, with many cultural activities in coming days.

Is this escalator going up?

The last two days of the book fair see record traffic, people from all over the world. The escalators take the most beating that day. Today was steady.

Creative ways to use this?

We spotted this giant sized utensil near our booth. With demonstrations by expert chefs, the gourmet gallery gets busier by the day. We tweeted this photo asking what could you possibly use this for,the giant pot. The answers we've got so far include swimming pool for kids and war time bunker.

Who's the VIP?

Shining fleet of Audis lined up for VIPs

Look there's Sid, the squirrel from Ice Age

The kids loved it, who doesn't love Sid then?

The best pizzas in town

By far the best pizzas we've had in Frankfurt. Quick and delicious. It helps if you know how to communicate in German though, we were fine, sign language is a universal.

Kids Bubble

We'll cover the Kid's bubble tomorrow, we're told it is awesome from inside.

Quote of the day

To sum up :)


Off To The World’s Largest Book Fair

Off to Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

Off to Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

We’ll be there at the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 9-13. It is our eighth year of participation, and we're excited to be launching 'My First Atlas', a little book of geography for young readers. If you’re around, come say hello :)

Hall 3.1, Booth K110: Cartography & Custom Mapping Services

Hall 3.0, Booth J45: MyFirst Atlas

Here's an Infographic about what makes the event so popular.


The World’s Largest Bookfair – October 9-13, 2013 – Facts & Infographic

Frankfurt Book Fair - The World's Largest Bookfair - October 9-13, 2013 - Facts & Infographic


World Maps Pyramid at the Frankfurt Book Fair – 2012

View World Map


Frankfurt Book Fair – In a Timelapse Video (2012)


Book Fair In The Air – Frankfurt 2012

It is that time of the year again – our hearts turn to Frankfurt. Yes, MapsofWorld’s seventh year at the Frankfurt Book Fair – the biggest book and media fair in the world. More than 7,500 international exhibitors from 100 countries are attending the fair this year. Over 3,200 events are scheduled to be held here between October 10 and October 14, 2012.

Each October, representatives from the book and media industry gather here, in Frankfurt. Booksellers, agents, publishers, authors, digital media providers and a number of other professionals head to Frankfurt from all parts of the world.

MapsofWorld has made a significant mark in the world of tourism and travel publications including atlases, and travel guides. For over seven years we have represented the world of cartographic publications at this fair.

Team MapsofWorld @ Frankfurt Book Fair

This year our offerings at the fair include an attractive set of illuminated globes, clean and beautiful maps in all sizes and customized cartography services. But the show-stealer has been our collection of mobile apps. World Atlas Pro, our mapping app for iOS and for the Android platform has been a huge hit with those who have been visiting us. With three more days to go, we feel like we have just about gotten started.

Frankfurt Book Fair never fails to remind us of our love for the work we do – maps, data, research, technology, and most importantly designing what is important to you, the MapsofWorld family.

If you are in Germany this time of the year, drop in on MapsofWorld at –

Hall 3.1
Stall K681
Frankfurt Book Fair

Follow our live updates from the Frankfurt Book Fair on Twitter @mapsofworld

Here’s a snazzy video of Team MapsofWorld at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Day 1