Find the Easiest Way to Know Country Dialing Code

In this highly interactive world, telephone facilitates people the chatting facility as soon as people dial the correct numbers of their interests. Of course, telephone technology is not a new invention at all; therefore, some of you might be thinking that why I am discussing an old story in new world. I have remembered that a few years ago, there were different slabs of call rates divided according to the time hours and people used to wait for off hour when they had been charged less for the telephone calls. The rates were noticeably high and it was not reach of everyone. But in today’s world, all old concept has been abolished and there is only one call rate (however varying from country to country) and i.e. very much nominal so it is completely within the reach of almost every strata of people.

However, before dialing the international numbers, you need the international dialing code of respective country which is different for each country. Since, every country has specific international country calling code; so, of course it is very difficult to remember them. Hence, to solve out this problem, mapsofworld has created a separate section i.e. “Country Dialing Code.” The country dialing code section on mapsofworld is very nicely designed and very easy to use.

country dialing codes

As you can see in the given image, it has been illustrated through a political world map. As soon as you slide your cursor and at whichever country you stop it, a small info box will appear that gives you the country dialing code of respective country. Interestingly, if you click over the country then a new page will open and it gives you the detailed information with large map of respective country.

To access the country dialing code of world countries and also to know more about the country of your interest visit http://www.mapsofworld.com/world-maps/country-dialing-code.html