My First Atlas – Add a few maps to your kids’ lives

It's that hour when you are at your lazy best - time to leisure and also the time to spend some time with the kids. Why not check out the latest version of our book and atlas for kids - My First Atlas at breakfast or maybe brunch?

Either look it up online or better still, get a copy to share some bright, scenic glimpses of the maps of continents, North America, map of Europe or map of USA. Well, geography never seemed to be so fascinating and colorful.

Help your kids know more
Help your kids discover and learn about birds and animals, the solar system, various currencies, or the Earth and its interior through maps put together from MapsofWorld's extensive map collection. The colorful illustrations are not something very elaborate, but informative enough to hold the child's attention. There are these little details which the kids can easily remember for a lifetime - the visuals leave an indelible impression on their tiny minds - a delight for any first timer with maps.
My First Atlas

The latest version was launched at Frankfurt Book Fair this year and mind you, it was a huge success - a few friends did retort that every kid at Frankfurt that day had a copy of the My First Atlas in his hand.

Reason enough to get hold of a copy fast!