The Most Urban and the Most Rural of the African Countries

African Countries: Urban Population

African Countries: Urban Population

Did you know which country has the highest urban population in the African continent? or which is most rural? Neither did we, until we produced the next thematic map on Africa. The map visualizes with color codes, the different countries in Africa and their Urban population.

Percentage of urban population is indicative of development in a country, more the urban population the better the overall development. With that said, urban areas do have their own challenges, but on a bird's eye view it provides an understanding of the development and growth in a country.

We have update the following thematic maps on Africa:

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T.I.A (This is Africa): From Mauritius to Nigeria

T.I.A: This is Africa: From Nigeria to Mauritius

T.I.A: This is Africa (Most Populated Countries)

Last week, we added more thematic maps for Africa. Our thematic maps section on Africa is a growing collection of thematic maps which can be used as resources by students, teachers and researchers. On our website, you can find a huge collection of physical maps, political maps, blank maps, outline maps and offcourse thematic maps.

Maps we’ve added to our collection:

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