Will The World End In 2012?

The origins of what is now called the ‘2012 phenomenon’ lie in the Mayan Long Count calendar cycle. The ancient Central American civilization followed a calendar system which spans about 5,125 years starting from 3114 BC and reaches the end of the cycle on December 21, 2012. The Long Count calendar kept time in units called Uinals. 20 days made one Uinal, 18 such Uinals formed a Tun, 20 Tuns made up a K’atun, and 20 K’atuns formed a B’ak’tun. In Mayan legends, the end of an age would correspond with the end of 13 B’ak’tuns. Time would then be reset and the end of the calendar would be of utmost significance. Experts differ in their interpretation of this phenomenon. While some believe this simply means that the Mayan Long Count calendar will reset, others believe that the ‘end of age’ is equivalent of an apocalypse prediction. Here's our latest FryDayPoll.com feature - an insightful Infographic about the 2012 End Of The World Prediction