World Atlas Pro: The feature-rich map app gets even better

Travelers, professionals, researchers and students - you have a reason to rejoice. MapsofWorld has recently launched its latest version of World Atlas Pro – a map app for Tab and iPad users. From thematic maps and infographics to fast facts and world weather, this meticulously designed app empowers you to "Take the World in Your Hands" even when you are offline. Compatible with Android and iOS platforms, World Atlas Pro is being lapped up by those who are looking for faster navigation and a seamless UI. This full-featured map app comes with social capabilities enabling users to save and share maps across social media channels and through emails. A product that has come straight from the innovation's stable, is available on both Apple and Google play stores.

Check the full press release about the app here:



The curious case of a rebuilt Atlas

Today, we write to you to share an exciting news from our team. Over the last 7 years, we have built informative maps, cool infographics and interactive tools for users like yourself. Every month, 5 million users visit Mapsofworld.com for these services. We thank you for using these services and providing us feedback to improve.

Based on the reviews we got from the community about our flagship iPad Atlas app, we committed ourselves to re-build the app from scratch. World Atlas Pro for the iPad is ready, and we want you to cut the ribbon!

About the Atlas

  • $350 worth reusable maps
  • 100% offline maps collection
  • Edit, print and share maps
  • Infographics, utilities and games

You are the VIP!

We would like to invite you to take World Atlas Pro for a spin, at a limited-time reduced price of $ 4.99. We’d love to hear your feedback. Download on the App Store


Sign up for ‘World Atlas Pro’ Beta Testing (iPad)

Today, we got the green light from our Apps team to release our All new 'rebuilt from scratch' World Atlas Pro app for the iPad. The app has the power of MapsofWorld in one neat package. The new App features a neat new interface, organized set of Maps of all continents and countries and many bug fixes from previous versions and user reviews. We've also built in some useful utilities and our signature Infographics. The App is 100% offline, so you can use it without connecting to the Internet. It provides Maps for presentations, projects and travel.

Take it for a Spin

We're looking for Volunteers who love Geography and have an iPad (iOS 6 or above). Download the app on your iPad and check it out, let us know if you have any specific suggestions :) Provide us your name, email and device UDID in the form below, and we'll send you the link to download it. Thank you for your support, we appreciate it :)


World Atlas Pro Gets An Exciting Update Version 2.4


We have some exciting news to share today with our mobile users. We launched an updated version of our best-selling mapping app World Atlas Pro. Version 2.4 has added a refined search functionality right down to the city level. The more exciting addition is the inclusion of current events each day in five different categories – World, Business, Technology, Sports, and Entertainment. Apart from great maps, refined searches, World Atlas Pro users will now have news at the tap of a screen.  

World Atlas Pro has been one of the premier mapping applications in the Apple iTune store and is compatible with iPad with a minimum of iOS 5.0. Continent, country, and city level maps on World Atlas Pro can be customized, saved, printed, and mailed making it indispensable for students and teachers, researchers and for travelers. World Atlas Pro comes with high- resolution images, facts, and interesting graphics. The app is among the top 5 apps for travelers and globe trotters.

So what are you waiting for - go on, get hooked.


5 Must-Have Apps For Frequent Travelers

We, at MapsofWorld.com, love to travel. Not a surprise, this. There are some of the apps which make the best companions for travelers across the world.

World Atlas – World Atlas Pro is one of the premier mapping applications in the Apple iTune store and is compatible with iPad with a minimum of iOS 5.0. Besides offering interactive 3D maps the app provides users a variety of utilities including World Quiz, US Fast Facts, World Weather, and Atlas Glossary. From: MapsofWorld

XE Currency – The XE Currency application for the iOS platform and for Android is an excellent financial companion for frequent travellers. When online the app shows live currency data and allows you to calculate and convert between currencies. It also allows you to save data for offline. From: XE

Google Translate – Allows you to translate between 64 languages – the best companion you will have in a country where English is not widely spoken or understood. While the translations may not always be accurate, they are close enough to be well understood and make for easy communication. From: Google

Skype Wi-Fi – Skype’s new Wi-Fi app is the best utility available to keep in touch with family and friends and to stay connected with your offices on the move. Skype credits are inexpensive and skype calls cost far less in many countries. From: Skype

Dropbox – The best way to scan, save and exchange documents while travelling is by maintaining a cloud account with Dropbox. Even if you do lose your tablet/mobile device, everyone of your documents can be retrieved. From Dropbox



The Return Of Google Maps


In September 2012, we had run an exclusive report on the introduction of Apple Maps and its roll out in the then newly launched iOS6. Those who missed our report titled 'Apple Maps vs. Google Maps - Clash of the Titans' can read it here.

By deciding to go ahead and create its own mapping application, Apple eliminated Google Maps which had hitherto been an indispensable part of the Apple ecosystem. Google Maps had been an integral part of all Apple iPhones and iPads. Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, Google Maps had been one of the key applications on the phone and was used for all location based services. In fact, Google Maps was a core application – one that could not be deleted by the iPhone and iPad user at will. The announcement of the launch of Apple Maps has been viewed as Apple’s attempt to disassociate itself from Google, moving the rivalry of the two competitors, one notch up.

Three months since the roll-out and six months since the announcement of its introduction, Apple Maps has thrown up a number of critical concerns across the globe. Google has now launched its Maps app for the iPhone following complaints over Apple's software.The move was slated after mistakes were found in Apple Maps's search results. Google's app introduces functions previously restricted to Android devices. Read more of our news updates here.



How do you sell an Encyclopedia to the Wikipedia generation? Plus the evolution of World Atlas

World Atlas and Enclopedia

World Atlas and Enclopedia

Last week at the mall, this salesman ran into me, selling of all things.. an Encyclopedia. As he started his pitch and went on and on, I forgot for a second what year it was. The times when an Encyclopedia was cherished on the bookshelves and the only source of authentic information. With a smile I came back to reality, and stood there smiling at this guy selling Encyclopedias in a digital age, age of Wikipedia, Google and eBooks. I wondered who would buy these collections anyway, it was interesting few months back at a literature festival, when someone mentioned Encyclopedias are still bought, mostly by people who want want to color coordinate their furniture with the books on the shelf. It has become a collectible, a piece of art, selling it like a utility won't help would it?

The World Atlas Evolution

As an organization our fascination was not in Enclyopedias but another popular educational tool, which adorned bookshelves of libraries all over the world, it came in different sizes and many of bought it in school. The all useful World Atlas. I remember back in school days, with fascination we used to looked at those maps, information about countries far away and open them up in a middle of a debate on certain country. If you find a World Atlas on a bookshelf today, most likely it would be a collectors edition, the print editions are fast becoming collectibles.

We started with an ambition to build the best online resource for World Atlas, and provide map based learning tools with rich content. With the evolution of web and technologies, we've evolved the Atlas, and now we have our World Atlas on the web, World Atlas iPad Apps and apps for iPhone and Android.

World Atlas on iPad

The World Atlas on the iPad is one app which offers a true Atlas experience in your hands. A wonderful educational tool for teachers, parents, students and explorers, the iPad World Atlas offers maps and information for all countries, maps for download and some cool utilities. Its like old times all over again, from friendly debates to project work, your faithful atlas is living and breathing on the web, smartphones and the nearest iPad.

You can take the iPad Atlas for a spin from the link below, it would make a wonderful gift as well.World Atlas & Maps -HD iPad App

World Atlas & Maps -HD iPad App

World Atlas & Maps -HD iPad App





Photo Credit: Shannon Holman (on Flickr)


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Eventful September at MapsofWorld.com: Maps & Apps

Maps & Apps

Maps & Apps

September was an eventful month here at Mapsofworld.com. With the updates and events lined up in coming months, 2011 is turning out to be one exciting year. ‘Maps & Apps’ best described our work in September, with updates in Mapping, Thematic Maps and Mobile Apps. We thank you for your contribution in helping us develop better Apps and Mapping resources for Students, Teachers, Parents and anyone who loves learning with maps :-)

What kept us busy in September:

Coming up in October, 2011:

  • Frankfurt Book Fair, October 12-16, 2011, Visit our stand
  • Exciting new Apps on Android, iPad and iPhone focused to mix fun with learning.
  • New Thematic Maps and a Series on 50 US States.

Your comments: We would love to hear from you. Tweet us up or write on our Facebook wall


World Atlas iPad App Gathers Steam; More Reviews and a Better App

World Atlas and Maps –HD iPad App

World Atlas and Maps –HD iPad App

We posted a Walk-through video on the ‘World Atlas and Maps -HD’ iPad App yesterday. The team released a new update to the App recently and we’re excited about the reviews we’re getting.  Special mention to iOS product lead Nivesh Sharma. “With specially targeted features, World Atlas is a great tool for students and enthusiasts alike. We believe the app is now uniquely positioned to compete for the top spot.”

‘World Atlas and Maps -HD’ iPad App Featured on:

Note: We’ll be sure to keep this post updated with reviews as they come up

World Atlas & Maps -HD iPad App: Download Now

World Atlas & Maps -HD iPad App: Download Now

Have you reviewed the App already? If you would like to review the App for your website or publication, send us a comment below, tweet us up or write on our facebook wall. We’ll be sure to send you promo codes for evalutaiton.