Philippines Hit By Typhoon Bopha

The world has been experiencing quite a few natural disturbances over the past few months. A devastating typhoon struck Philippines on Tuesday and over 27 people are feared dead according to news sources. Typhoon Bopha has been described as 'Catastrophic' in its effects and has destroyed a lot many homes in the country. As Bopha thumped into Mindanao, an island which is usually never in the path of tropical storms, fears of unpredicted damage rock Philippines. Over 56,000 people have evacuated their homes and the typhoon seems to be just starting. With a prayer for our Asian friends to stay safe here's a map of the projected path of Bopha.

Here are some survival tips -

• Stay tuned in to the weather broadcasts. Evacuate if directed by authorities.

• Bring in or tie down all the loose items such as patio furniture, plants, mailbox etc.

• Secure the storm shutters and roof clips if you have them installed. Keep away from window panes.

• Ensure you have flashlights and battery supplies. Do not use electronic devices.

• The eye of a storm may appear calm. Do not leave secure area before you receive an all-clear signal.

• Ensure you have supplies - food, water, flashlights, radio, batteries, and a first-aid kit.

• Store essential supplies and expensive articles in your basement.

• Gather the animals in a safe place. Leave out food and water.

• Drink bottled water till the storm blows over and you are sure drinking water is safe.

• Do not drive or venture out in your boat till you receive all-clear instructions.


You can also find an update on Super Typhoon Haiyan.

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