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Learning Geography was never this easy. With the interactive Ikaawland Map Quiz, You can put your trivia knowledge to test in our game based on Maps. Different levels are presented infront of a player. In the whole game, the player has to mark answers on World Map. At the first level, the user is presented with questions , where he/she has to mark out the continents asked in the quiz. The player is given 10 seconds on each question to mark the correct location on the mapSimilarily, in the consequent levels, the player faces questions(quiz) related with countries, capitals, cities. More levels have been planned and would launch soon.

We offer exciting and educative games which revolve around Maps. The game enable players to learn varied concepts of Geography through quizzes. Other quiz/ games from Maps of World are Save Earth Quiz, Know your World Quiz, Jigsaw Puzzle Game and World Quiz, Map 'O' Puzzle.

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