Should Religion Be Separated From State? Here’s an Infographic [POLL]

Should Religion Be Separated From State? Should all nations adopt secularism? That's the question we're asking in the latest Fry-Day Poll. Participate in our Weekly Poll, with in-depth review and supportive Info-graphic. Let us know what you think: Vote and Comment

What do you think? Vote Now

What do you think? Vote Now at www.frydaypoll.com

What do you think? Vote Now at www.frydaypoll.com

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  1. My personal opinion – Religion should be separated NOT JUST from state, but also from all ‘Human’ beings. Look what the various religions have made us do!!

  2. If this is a question in your mind, maybe you should go live in Saudi Arabia or Iran or any other Theocracy for a while. I suspect you would change you mind, you fucking idiot.

  3. How could there be one rule to live! Capitalist or socialist, Secular or Non Secular, Democracy or dictatorship,Etc or Etc. How could their be one form of anything in life? There can be none. Its human to think different, live different – and it might or might not comfort many believes and may not be ideal! So what! isn’t that differences worth enjoying and living? Respect, understand and acknowledge these differences – rather than trying to uniform a set patterns around it! Only then you would in peace with it.

  4. @Mike: Your point of view is sitting from a distance or as an outsider visiting that state. However it is up to the people of the land to decide whats best for them. And seeing the example in recent times – people have that power of change. If change is what is needed by them – they would have their way out. If not then they would continue to be they are. Which you should be open to accept and acknowledge.

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