Which events made a dent in your worldview in 2011? Vote Now

2011: Important Events on a World Map

2011: Important Events on a World Map

With the year coming to an end, its time to look back and reflect on the events which changed our world in 2011. Seems like a roller coaster ride this year, with big news every other week. From scandals, natural disasters to political revolutions. As the year completes full circle, we wanted to pick the top events which made the biggest dent in your worldview this year.

We divided the important events of 2011 into five simple categories: Business, Natural Disasters, Politics, Science & Technology and People & Society. Every day we're adding detailed information about each event, for reference later.

What would you remember 2011 for?

Vote Now

Vote Now

We have created an easy voting system on the 2011 Events Page, where you can vote for your choice of important event in 2011. Events are divided into categories mentioned above, you can vote one time for one category per day. End of the year, we would announce your chosen event on our website. Vote Now


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