Which is the largest continent in the world?; Plus World Map upside down

World Map - Largest Continent

World Map - Largest Continent

When you look at the World Map, the first big continent which takes your notice is Asia, isn't it? Unless you're holding the map upside down.  Have you ever seen a World Map upside down? Check McArthur's Universal Corrective Map.

World Map: Largest Continent (Asia)

Asia is the largest of 7 continents. Situated in the eastern and northern hemispheres, Asia has an overall area of 44,579,000 sq. km. (that constitute 8.7% of the total surface area of the earth) and a population of almost 4 billion people (60% of the human population of the world). That's quite a continent won't you say, largest in area and largest in population and with the world looking at Asia for economic growth, we'll say its the largest for future growth.

Check updated World Map for the largest continent

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