Ever wondered where your food comes from? Thematic Maps on the Agriculture Economy

Top 10 Countries by Agricultural Imports

Top 10 Countries by Agricultural Imports

Past few days have been interesting, for we have got our thematic maps team to produce maps which provide a fascinating theme based map on everyday things. It provides a global perspective and an interesting map to share.  We started with thematic maps on coffee, tea and milk. The quick polls on our Facebook wall got some of you guessing.

Today, we add yet another fascinating look into food (agriculture). Who's exporting the most and who's importing the most. Agriculture is the main source of food, and the maps on agricultural exports and imports highlight the dependencies between different countries for the life sustaining fuel. They say in war, its a common strategy to cut supplies of the enemy. Food is the essential supply for sustaining life, war or no war, you're not in a position of power if you have less resources than others.

Find below thematic maps on Agricultural Exports and Imports:

What do you think? Looking at the maps above, do you think the top agricultural exporting countries are in a position of power or dominance? Let us know in comments below, tweets or facebook wall updates.

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