Which European country has more females than males? (Thematic Map)

European Countries with Sex Ratio less than One

European Countries with Sex Ratio less than One

Last month we posted a thematic map on sex ratio in Africa. Taking the thematic maps project forward, our team is developing interesting thematic maps of Europe. It is fascinating when you see visual data on a map and how it shows a different reality in a different continent.

Today, we're updating European thematic maps on Sex Ratio. Sex ratio is the ratio of males to females in a population. Above 1 means there are more males than females; below 1 means there are more females than males in the region. If Sex Ratio in a country/region is close to 1:1, it signifies a stable equilibrium. Sex Ratio in a country helps us understand the socio-economic condition in a country.

We have updated three thematic maps on Europe:

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