Florida, The Sunshine State: Places to Visit, Geography, History and Universities

Florida, The Sunshine State

Florida, The Sunshine State

From today, we're starting a new section on this blog dedicated to the 50 States of the USA. In our ongoing process of developing and re-working online resources on the 50 states, we'll be starting with the state of Florida. But why you may ask? Why 50 states, and Why Florida? Since 2003 Mapsofworld.com has become a primary resources for millions of visitors who come looking for answers to questions about different place. From weather to which university to go to.  We feel proud to be able to provide that specific solution and aim to make our resource pool as diverse as possible.

For Florida, we recently update four new pages:

  • Florida Places: The beaches, the parks, historical places, museums and more.
  • Florida Geography: Did you know Florida spans two time zones? Read more about Florida climate and landscape.
  • Florida History: From the Colonial times to recent events
  • Florida Universities: List of top Universities in Florida including the University of Florida, Florida State University and more.
Your comments:  We would be happy to hear from you. Send us your comments, tweets or facebook wall updates; We'll be sure to implement your ideas,  weave a story, share anecdotes and useful information.

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