Is Russia in Europe or Asia?

Russia may technically be called a Eurasian country, but all indicators state otherwise. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Russia is a European country with much of its territory in Asia.

Here’s why:

  1. Russia comprises about 40% of the total landmass of Europe.
  2. 78% of Russia’s population lives in the European Russia.
  3. Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation, is the second-most populous city in Europe (after Istanbul).
  4. The Revolt against the Mongols started from the state/principality of Muscovy, whose capital was  Moscow.
  5. Russians are predominantly East Slavs, and all scholars and historians accept the East Slavs as ethnically Europeans.
  6. Russians are largely Orthodox Christians, a legacy of the Byzantine Empire.
  7. The Russian language is written in the Cyrillic script, which is an evolved/derived form of an ancient Greek script. Most of the “sounds ” in spoken Russian relate closely with other East European languages. The Cyrillic script and its first documented usage is credited to the First Bulgarian Empire (10th Century AD).
  8. Russian cuisine and eating customs are closely aligned with European traditions, and the Franco-Russian Cuisine is a testimony to the similarity in eating habits of the Russians and other Europeans.

We look forward to your comments and counter arguments.

Ref: Map of Russia



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  • so where does it stop then if you were to draw it, where about is the 40%???

  • The Rus were partly descended from Scandinavians, and the major cities of Russia traded daily with the Vikings and the Hansa for centuries before its Asiatic extents were explored and conquered by Europeans, which occurred primarily during the later 17th thru 19th centuries.

  • Well, it all depends. This might sound a bit crazy, but I don’t think we should stop at the amount of territory, the human population, or the customs. How about non-human animals, plants, how they correspond to each other? It certainly goes either way.

    • Animals and plant don’t have a single idea about what a continent, a country or a border is. They just don’t give a damn, and they’re right. What difference may being Asian or European make in their life?

      • I didn’t say that they did. I’m not saying to factor in what they think, just to account for the fact that they’re there, mostly in Asia.

  • Russia is russia it’s neither part of Europe or Asia :P

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