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Want to know more & Plan your dates for Commonwealth Games?

With just a few days remaining for the Commonwealth Games (CWG), you must have made your plans! So, which is your favorite game - swimming, tennis, archery, weightlifting, badminton, cycling, athletics or any other? Come out and cheer your favorite team and athletes who are taking part in the games. At the 19th Commonwealth Games, which will begin in New Delhi on 3rd October 2010, a total of 17 events will be held.

72 commonwealth countries will likely to take part in the various events, which will end on 14th October. To know the name of countries, which are part of the Commonwealth, refer to Commonwealth Map at Mapsofworld.

At Mapsofworld, we have a Commonwealth Games map which will be a good guide for you. On the map, you can find location of the stadiums, games village and the other places of interests in the city. Whether you are planning to watch your favorite team or athlete in action or go sightseeing, the map will be very helpful.

2010 Commonwealth Games Map

At Mapsofworld, we have information on various other aspects related to the game. You can find information on events, schedules, ticket-booking information, location of venues, transport information, winners of the past game, past hosts of the game, and other historical information of the Commonwealth Games.

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Create Your Own Map

Ever felt like showcasing your financial data on the World Map? Here we are!! Create a map out of your financial numbers and customize it the way you like. We need customized maps for many purposes such as depicting our business’ customer base across the world, doing a financial analysis of various countries of the world on various parameters including GDP, Population etc. Now, if you can create a map based on your requirements, there is nothing like it. At Mapsofworld, we facilitate you to make your own map in just three simple steps.

Create Your Own Map

To make the map, go to the ‘Create your own map’ section on Finance.Mapsofworld. The first step is to ‘Sign In’ if you have an account or if you do not have an account then get ‘Registered’ first. Next, fill the form. While filling up the form, give all details including ‘Map Title,’ ‘Map Description,’ and ‘Theme.’

Next, you need to fill the details about the data you want to put on the map; hence, select the respective data and then upload the excel file. Here, the sections marked with asterisk (*) are compulsory. As soon as you upload your data, your map will be displayed on the screen. Now, you can zoom in or zoom out the screen, to view the map you have created on Mapsofworld. Above all, there is also facility to save the map you have created.

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