World Map Viewer with up-to-date Country Facts

Avid Internet users already know how fast web pages provide with relevant information. The best example of this can be the world map viewer application, which is just what you could wish for when looking for a quick snapshot of a particular country. World Map Viewer, an interactive map based application comes with a unique feature of providing vital information and statistics of countries of the world.

On mouse over a particular country you can view country details beginning from its coordinates, area, population, capital city, climate, language, religions followed and so on.

World Map Viewer

World Map Viewer

Also, on the right hand corner you can view the flag, Time Zone and the currency symbol of the country. You can even click the countries and browse through varied maps ranging from physical, outline, state, river, travel, etc.

Designed with this specific intent in mind, the world map viewer is going to be frequently used by most visitors on maps of world.

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