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Shooting Spree at Brazil: See map

Ahead of the impending World Cup Football to be held in June this year, Brazil is facing several incidents of violence that are likely to mar the peace and progress of the nation. Is this yet another tactic by ganglords to divert attention? Those killed too had crime backgrounds. But then, why should innocent civilians pay such heavy prices - nowadays, peace around the world is getting costlier by the day.

Brazil Killings on MapAlso more news and map updates in our New Maps and Info section.

People saving their lives ultimately lost their lives. It seems destiny had doomed them. Due to unrest in South Sudan, several locals chose the path of the river to escape the violence. Unfortunately, over 200 of these civilians trying to save their lives met their end in a ferry accident in the River Nile.

Find out how more than 200 people died in South Sudan ferry accident in the River Nile. See on map where this incident occurred. Interestingly, on this day in 1970, the Nigerian Civil War came to an end. Will there be peace in South Sudan too?

 Jan 15: Whacky Wednesday at Mapsofworld

Look up: China to build life-sized Titanic, Hundreds drown on overloaded vessel, Pope doesn't approve of abortion, 2M credit cards replaced after Target hack, Retired goddesses in Nepal to receive pensions, Priceless plant stolen in London, Google pays $3.2B on acquiring Nest, Groupon buys fashion site ideeli, and a lot more in calendar events.


Locate the Puerto Rico 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake on a Map

Puerto Rico Earthquake MapAn earthquake measuring 6.4 magnitude on Richter scale hit Northern Puerto Rico early Monday. It is one of the largest earthquakes to hit the US recently. Fortunately, no injuries have been accounted till now.

The walls and floors of the houses along the coast have developed cracks due to the quake. Also, power outrages have been reported in certain areas.

Gisela Baez Sanchez, a geologist with Puerto Rico’s Seismic Network mentioned that around 70 aftershocks with a 3.5 plus magnitude have also been experienced. See the map to locate the origin of the earthquake and where it affected in Puerto Rico.

Jan 14: Tangy Tuesday at Mapsofworld

Look up - Pizza Hut begins to sell "by the slice", Three more top retailers experience a data breach, Snapchat apologizes for scam once again, Ford pickup trucks will now have 97 percent aluminum, Seahawks fans cause an earthquake again, Wolf of Wall Street star plays amateur hockey, 16 and Pregnant actually reduced teen births, Stallone became insufferable after Rocky, and HBO posts free premiere episodes of show on YouTube - all in the news section.

On this day in 1784, the US Congress signs the Treaty of Paris to bring an end to the American War for independence. Read the complete coverage in "On this Day" section.


Protests at Bangkok May Trigger Shutdown – Know More

Hello Folks, aggravating protests in Bangkok are leading to chaos, unrest, and anarchy. While the pro-Morsi protests have still not ended in Egypt, here is another news on protests arising out of unsatisfactory political system. It seems as the fire is spreading in the entire world.

Bangkok, a popular tourist destination in its own right has become a center of anarchy due to continuing protests to dissolve the existing government before the scheduled elections on February 2. Despite the efforts by the government to calm down people and to restore law and order, the situation is getting out of control. Want to know more about the protests? Follow the link.

January 13: Monday Mania at Mapsofworld

Texas MapLook up some news updates - France's first lady admitted to a hospital after rumors, Hunting permit for black rhino sold for $350 K, New study sheds light on long-term friendships, Target hack actually affected 70M customers, and more news in our calendar events section.

Check out our new maps - Map of Maputo, Map of Kigali, Thimpu map, and France Road map in our New Maps and Info section.

In the 'On this Day' section at the website, read on to know how Dr. William Brydon, the survivor of the Massacre of Elphinstone's Army reached Jalalabad on January 13, 1842.


Discover More on Surgeons and Surgical Procedures on Maps

Plastic surgery is a boon of science as it helps to reconstruct the impaired muscles, and is useful for treating injuries and burns. Cosmetic surgery is one of the popular forms of plastic surgery. People have seen its miraculous results, especially on celebrities, who continue to look young with age merely because of plastic surgery.

Countries with Most Surgical Procedures MapWant to know about the countries with most surgical procedures? According to data collected in 2010, the US ranks on the first position among top 25 countries that provide surgical procedures.

You can also see a newly added map on countries with most plastic surgeons. Also, the US leads among the 25 chosen countries with a record of 5,590 plastic surgeons. Romania has the least number of both the plastic surgeons and surgical procedures.

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The Around the World Series is here – See More

Hello Folks, we've launched a new series, the first edition of 'Around The World', where each week we would cover a topic of global importance and share information and graphic rich slides.

Top 2014 Events on a MapThis week's topic is about Top Events of 2014 featuring some remarkable events around the world that are to shape the year 2014.

Know more on which events in politics, sports, science and technology, business, and entertainment.

Check it out - this is the first of the series. We would surely appreciate your feedback, comments or suggestions


Tropical Cyclone Ian Approaching Tonga – Know More

Hello Folks, are you aware where  Tonga is? It is soon likely to be hit by an intense tropical cyclone Ian. The Polynesian country of Tonga is getting prepared to face the eventuality.

Tropical cyclone Ian is currently progressing in a northeasterly direction but it is anticipated to veer on a southeast course. It is predicted to hit Niuafo’ou (the northernmost island in Tonga) first, where meteorologists anticipate heavy rain and possibly flash flooding. As per NASA, the strongest thunderstorms were concentrated around Ian’s center and in bands north and south of the center where cloud top temperatures exceeded -63F/-52C. Those thunderstorm cloud tops have cooled over the previous 24 hours, indicating that they’re higher in the atmosphere and that Ian is strengthening. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center also forecast that Ian may reach hurricane-strength in the next day.

Find out more on the three-day course that the cyclone is likely to follow.

Jan 10: Frantic Friday at Mapsofworld

San Jose MapLook up for some more interesting news and updates such as Best Strikers of All Time, 100K bats drop dead from the sky, UAE frees American comedy video creator, China to ban people from smoking indoors, McDonald's faces lawsuit over hot coffee once again, Poultry farm shut over cockroach infestation, and Best Midfielder of All Time.

Check out updates in our On this Day section too on how Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon.

Also, we bring you a new series Around the World that encapsulates some global remarkable or unpredictable events. The first of the series is there for you to view. Do let us know of your views.


Was the South Pole conquered in 1909? Know More

Hello Folks, are you aware that on this day in 1909, the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton planted the British Flag 112 miles from the South Pole. The explorer had been wandering for months in the frozen lands of the Antarctica. On this day, he decided to quit his expedition and planted the Union Jack in the ice.

Look up more in this section to see how he withstood the severe cold conditions of those times and reached his goal. Know how he later went on to receive the title of Commander of the Royal Victorian Order from King Edward VII on July 10th after a hero’s welcome at Portsmouth. The following November, he was knighted.

January 9: Thrilling Thursday at Mapsofworld

Antananarivo MapLook up the new updates on Mapsofworld in the New Maps and Info section. Dodoma City Guide, Hamilton Map, State Map of Texas, Sao Tome Map, Bamako Map, Map of Antananarivo, State Map of Minnesota, Vermont (VT) Map, and, Rhode Island (RI) Map - are all there. Swaziland Map, 2014 Winter Olympics Venues - Sochi, Russia, Wesley Sneijder Biography, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Famous People,

Find news on - Grocery workers find cocaine in banana crates, Helicopter crashes during training and kills 4.

Sochi, Russia, as we all know, is the venue for this year's Winter Olympics 2014. Sochi is Russia's largest and one of the most popular places. It offers sumptuous locations and landscapes, which is like an icing on the cake for a world class event like the Winter Olympics. You can find more details about 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Venues in this section.


Polar Vortex in the US Deepens – See Updated Map

More updates on the Polar Vortex, folks.

Polar Vortex MapDo you know that the vortex has actually spilled over from the Arctic Pole over the US and Canada? Stretching from the Mid West of US, the upper regions of Canada and now inching towards the North East, today the vortex is at its peak.

The temperatures have touched dramatic lows, the real feel of the chill is actually killing - in fact more than 20 are already dead.

Unprecedented amount of snow has fallen during the week and people are busy digging and shoveling away snow from their rooftops, their homes, the roads and getting caught in accidents, suffering power outages and the after effects. Are you amongst those caught in it?

Let us know of your experiences. Also, find the updated map in the New Maps and Info section.

Find more updates on Dhaka City Map, Angela Merkel's skiing accident news, Amman Map, Saint Johns Map etc., in this section.

January 8: Wintry Wednesday at Mapsofworld

On this Day in 1912, the African National Congress was founded in South Africa. On January 8, 1912, South African Native National Congress (SANNC), an organization meant to advance the interests of the black natives in the country came into being. Know more on how it went on to shape the future of the country's politics.

Look up - UN said it stopped updating death toll in Syria, Remains of person fall from sky in Saudi Arabia, Michael Bay chokes during CES conference, French Goodyear workers kidnap bosses and all other news updates in our News and Events section.

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Polar Vortex Brings the Chill on US and Canada – See Map

Hello Folks, people in the US and Canada have had a tough time battling the snowstorm through the weekend. In fact, an Arctic blast of snowy winds hit it in the states in the North East and other regions of Canada, following which the Polar Vortex has caused a severe chill to spread. At least 16 deaths have been reported in Massachusetts, Boston, Maine, New Jersey, New York and others such as Quebec and Ontario in Canada.

The vortex has pulled down temperatures far lower than before - in fact, in Wisconsin an NFL playoff game scheduled for Sunday between the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers at the Lambeau Field was possibly the coldest game ever played with temperatures affected by the windchill feeling as low as -19C (-2F). People and machines have both been helping in shoveling out the snow which has been more than 2 feet.

Several thousand flights have been canceled and there have been prolonged power outages too. More on this in our New Maps and Info Section. Find out the hows and whys of a Polar Vortex and what impact it could create going forward.

Find which are the MINT countries in this section. Know more on their economy and other details

Also, find the latest map updates on the New York Area Codes, New York; Stockholm, Lusaka, Dili, Roseau, Conakry, Bujumbura, Managua, Bogota City, Oregon, Sofia, Yerevan, Guadeloupe cities and more in this section.

Also find updates in our On this Day section too on Mother Teresa when she landed in India on this day in 1929.



How was Sochi chosen for the 2014 Winter Olympics? This and more

The 2014 Winter Olympics are scheduled to begin in February this year at Sochi, Russia. Sochi has provided Russia the first opportunity to host a Winter Olympics after its split from the Soviet Union. Find out how Sochi managed to outdo competition from Salzburg in Austria and PyeongChang in South Korea and successfully become the venue for the Winter Olympics for 2014 on mapsofworld. The Sochi Olympic Park is being readied near the Black Sea coast as a major venue. Krasnaya Polyana is the other venue. Popular games that will be played out are ice-skating, figure skating, luge, speed skating, snowboarding, and so on.

86 countries arWinter Olympics Torch Relay Mape participating in these games. Amongst these are Albania, Azerbaijan, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, and South Korea, to name a few. Find more on these countries on our site in our New Maps and Info section.

Also in our Winter Olympics section, find information on 2014 Russia Winter Olympics, the 2014 Winter Olympics Schedule, Winter Olympics Events, the 2014 Winter Olympics Mascots, the Torch Relay map of 2014 Winter Olympics, and Winter Olympics 2014 Venues.

Did you know that in all, five mascots have been chosen - three for the Winter Olympics and two for the 2014 Winter Paralympics? Of these, the Polar Bear, the Hare and the Leopard are mascots for the Winter Olympics. Also, the Fisht Olympic Stadium will host both the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Winter Games. Check out the dates of both the ceremonies.